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By jiny | 08 April 2019 | 0 Comments

250mg/mL Testosterone Ethanate powder Recipe No Pain

1、250mg/mL Recipe for  250mL No BB 
62.5 gram Testosterone Ethanate powder (46.875mL)
12.5mL BA (5%)
190.625 mL Oil

2、 250mg/mL Recipe for  500mL       
125 gram Testosterone Ethanate powder   (93.75mL)
10mL BA (2%)
50mL BB (10%)
346.25mL Oil

3、 250mg/ml Recipe for  1000ml      
250g Testosterone Enanthate      (187.5mL)
150ml of Benzyl Benzoate  (15%)
50ml of Benzyl Alcohol (5%)
612.5ml Oil


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